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Where Quartz meets Telescopes

Following in the footsteps of Greg Rohde (Superior Optical Supply), new owners Tim and Chris Anderson (Five Star Optical Supply) will continue to provide high quality, quartz mirror blanks to the amateur astronomy market.

Quartz is a very pure glass with an extremely high melting point. Because quartz is much stronger than its Pyrex counterpart, it can be made thinner and lighter than a traditional mirror. This translates to a lighter telescope and simpler mirror cell.

Traditionally, quartz has been far too expensive to be economical for the amateur astronomer. Our mission is to bring quartz to the amateur market at an affordable cost.

Due to changes in the semiconductor industry, the quartz available for secondary markets like astronomy is much more limited in supply. However, we continue to do our best to create quartz mirror blanks that will meet your specifications and be perfect for your projects.